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2022 Harvest: What year was it for our producers?


2022 Harvest: What year was it for our producers?

In Italy, the prolonged scarcity of rainfall in the spring and for most of the summer initially concerned winemakers. Indeed, intense and prolonged heat can complicate ripening because, in order to withstand extreme weather conditions, plants can retain for themselves the little water available, withholding it from distribution to the bunches.

Fortunately, this risk was neutralised by the providential August rains, as well as emergency irrigation (where permitted), and night temperature fluctuations, which were good even in lowland areas. Let’s also consider that some luckier areas, like Sicily, enjoyed better distributed rainfall throughout the season.

The harvest took place on average ten days earlier than anticipated, with obvious variations here and there based on the type of vineyard.

The 2022 vintage, therefore, started with a thousand unknowns but ultimately was very positive, especially for the excellent quality of grapes and wines.

Despite the objective problems related to the procurement of materials and increased costs, we will have at our disposal a great variety of fine wines, with excellent characteristics and suitable to meet all needs and palates.

But how did our producers’ harvest go?

Bennati: bunches of “Corvina” – one of the grape varieties used to make Amarone

Bennati, ambassadors of the prestigious Verona area

This year, Bennati, a winery that has been producing prestigious wines for more than a hundred years, recorded a high-quality production, yet quantitatively lower than previous years.

In terms of white wines, the concerns of early summer were neutralised by the August rains, which helped the grapes both in terms of quality and quantity. Furthermore, the winery’s particular attention to the “technological ripeness” of the grapes, which allows identifying the ideal harvest time on the basis of the perfect relationship between acids and sugars, has ensured once again the production of fine white wines.

To date, Bennati has harvested early whites such as Chardonnay and Pinot grigio, followed by the garganega variety, the main grape used to produce Soave.The selection of grapes to produce Amarone is also underway; given the high alcohol content already in the vineyard, this year the grapes left to dry will probably be pressed before December.

Dante Rivetti and the Piedmont Langhe region

Piedmont is once again a particularly blessed wine region thanks to microclimates, soils and vines that can give great results even in challenging climatic conditions. The harvest of Arneis, Moscato and Chardonnay has recently ended with healthy grapes that achieved a good balance between acidity and sugars, helped by the ideal exposure of our vineyards. Undoubtedly, the proximity between vineyards and the cellar allows us to process the grapes in a very short time, thus guaranteeing the highest possible quality. Wonderful bunches for Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera: we expect a vintage of great red wines”.

This is the comment for the 2022 vintage by Dante Rivetti, a winery located in the Langhe region, one of the most generous for the variety of wine production, and especially of excellent-quality red wines.

Perini and fine Prosecco from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills

The Perini family, one of the major producers of Prosecco DOCG and DOC in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, confirms their high expectations for 2022.

The harvest of Prosecco grapes has almost ended, yielding good quality bunches, albeit low in quantity, especially in the hilly areas where emergency irrigation was particularly challenging. The hill grapes have a good aroma given by the more pronounced temperature fluctuations between day and night, especially as harvest time approaches, and a good balance between acidity and sugars.

The product will be available for sale approximately at the beginning of November.

The “Lake Valley”, where the Pisoni distillery and winery is seated, from the Bondone Mountain

Pisoni, distillers and pioneers of the TrentoDOC Classic Method

Giuliano Pisoni, master distiller of the Pisoni winery and distillery, one of the founders of the Trentodoc protection consortium, comments on an excellent 2022 vintage:

“Valle dei Laghi enjoys a particularly favorable microclimate which, this year, proved decisive. The constant breeze that blows from our mountains makes for healthy grapes, while the altitude of the vineyards, which, in this area, can even reach 600 metres, and significant temperature fluctuations give our grapes acidity and a significant aromatic content. We expect an excellent vintage, with sparkling wines characterised by a very pleasant freshness and aroma. A good year for wine naturally translates into a good year for grappa too, because grappa is produced from marc. Our production, which is characterized by the speed with which the delicate marc is processed, will include fragrant and balanced grappas”.

Teatro Latino, the intriguing Made-in-Italy variety

Apulia, land of origin of precious Mescà, Primitivo and Negroamaro wines of Teatro Latino, has yields lower by about 10% compared to previous years, due to the prolonged drought; however, the quality has undoubtedly remained excellent.

Sicily and Abruzzo, which were blessed by rains distributed more evenly throughout the year, have contributed to a high-quality harvest. Sicily, in particular, promises an exceptionally positive vintage characterised by structured and aromatic wines. Furthermore, as proof of a particularly favorable climate trend, harvest in Sicily did not occur ahead of time; on the contrary, in some areas it is still underway.

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