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Bennati Premium

The top selection of wines by the Bennati family is the culmination of a century-long winemaking tradition, and it brings together the most prestigious Veronese wines. This selection was created to celebrate the Valtramigna, home of the winery – a particularly suitable territory that is located on the border between the great reds of Valpolicella and the elegant whites of Soave. Not forgetting, in the North, the Lessinia region, with its sparkling Lessini Durello.

Ideally born in 1870 – the year of birth of “Toni Recioto”, the forefather of the Bennati family who first started to market the eponymous sweet wine in straw flasks -, the company was officially founded in 1920. That was the year when the “cantine Bennati ”were registered at the Verona Chamber of Commerce.

More than one century of winemaking bring us to the winery’s present times, with the recent purchase of a news crushing plant and a new logistic center. The future? It looks at new vineyards, revaluation projects of traditional production techniques, and collaborations with universities.