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Customized wine cards

Proposing quality wines suitable for the target segment, according to Vianello Wines, has always been a necessary condition to start any long-term collaboration. In addition to this, however, over the years we have realized that our client also needed something more: a marketing support to facilitate the promotion of the products, or some advice on the best sales practices.

Following these guidelines, Vianello Wines expanded its services to include marketing projects that facilitate the work of its customers.

Our key points

One of the most recent examples is the creation of wine lists that promote our wines in restaurants: these simple leaflets include the image of the customer’s purchased wines, a brief description and a space to write the price of the product (by the glass or per bottle). An evergreen tool with several advantages: easy product presentation, hugher sales, and brand promotion all in one.

Here’s how we developed the wine card for the “I GADI” line of the Bennati winery: our importer needed for his restaurateurs, and asked us to include the most appreciated references by his customers.


We provide our experience and our knowledge in the wine sector to allow you to create a perfect wine list


When it comes to making a wine list, we use our imagination and creativity to find the best ideas and to arouse emotions in the customer


The wine list is designed in order to represent the essence of your restaurant and, therefore, is unique of its kind