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Dessert Wines

Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are traditionally sweet wines, often obtained from dried grapes which are then crushed, but not only.

From North to South, most Italian regions have their own local sweet wines, in antiquity, were also dedicated to liturgy and religious services. Thanks to their sweetness and aromas, they were also used as medicines in the case of seasonal ailments.

Sweet wines are usually enjoyed with desserts at the end of the meal; today they are also considered “meditative” wines because they can be enjoyed “solo” after dinner, accompanying a pleasant chat with family and friends in front of the fireplace.

Thanks to their structure and persistence, sweet wines are often combined with cheeses. Typical is the aroma of dried fruit, which suits well to the pleasant creamy notes of blue and seasoned cheeses.

Sweet wines therefore represent a colorful and exciting world; sparkling or still, they are perfect to accompany your every moment, maximum expression of the sweet welcome that in the past families used to give to the arrival of their guests, a welcome characterized by a sweetness contrasted by the acidity and fruity notes of wines that over time have found their expression in the best pairing at the end of the meal with small pastries and dry desserts.

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