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Grappas and Liquors

Grappas and Liquors

Grappa is the maximum expression of the ancient Italian art of distillation. It is no coincidence that “grappa” is a term that can be used only in reference to the distillates made from Italian pomace; be it pomace of red or white grapes, the important thing is that the product Grappa is obtained from the distillation of the pomace. The distillate obtained will then be diluted with water until reaching the desired alcohol level – generally around 40 or 50 degrees.

The art of grappa, whether young or aged or flavored, is an art that in the past was attributed to alchemists and their ability to transform matter, as if it were magic.

If on the one hand the pomace has become a resource, the same holds for flowers and herbs that are still used in the production of liqueurs which, through maceration in alcohol and sugar, make it possible to obtain excellent products, extrapolating from the raw materials the essences and aromas.

The Pisoni company is the emblem of Trentino for its complete production of grappas and liqueurs. The assortment ranges from the traditional Limoncino – the liqueur obtained through the maceration of the very tasty Italian lemons – to the “Don Zio” bitter, obtained from Trentino herbs infused in grappa.

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