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How to find Italian wine importers abroad


How to find Italian wine importers abroad

Despite all the existing difficulties, especially those linked to the supply of raw materials, this year set a new record in Italian wine exports, which growth in 2022 is said to be around 12% with 8 billion euros. A positive trend that is set to decelerate during 2023, when wine exports will undergo an inevitable decrease.

A situation of which only those who will manage to work thoroughly and precisely will profit, and where no waste of resources should be allowed.

But how can you start? And how can you find Italian wine importers that are interested in what you sell?

The first steps to take – from the outline of your image to the choice of your right target market

Before starting with the actual search for Italian wine importers, there is a series of assessments that each winery should do with respect to their own image. As with any other well-structured marketing strategy, building a coherent image is essential, one that is able to tell the peculiarities of our business and the elements that set our wine apart from the others. In short: finding your distinctiveness is pivotal to efficiently enter markets that are already somewhat oversupplied.

Only after that we can build our wine list – which will have to be interesting and in line with competitors’ ones – and develop every fundamental operational tools, such as catalogues, business profiles and websites. All of this will have to be done keeping in mind what our strengths are, in order to highlight them.

When carrying out this kind of analysis we cannot overlook our right target channel and our typical customer, all of which should be investigated prior to anything else. This helps building a custom made communication and also targeting the most suitable market for what we offer. Exporting is challenging, and staking everything on the wrong market could undermine our efforts and let all of the valuable resources invested go to waste.

It’s a long and challenging path, but if you build your way wisely to the top and you seek help from those who know the target market already, it’s all worth it.

How to initiate contact with wine importers

Another question that often pops up from wine professionals who are interested in exporting is: How do I approach wine importers once I correctly outlined the best target and the right market?

The answer might seem trivial, but as it is oftentimes, the real difference is made by how we do something: networking is important, however not wherever or with whomever.

Taking part in international B2B events and specialized fairs in our target areas is undoubtedly the first step to take. These contexts help us initiate contact with importers and seek dialogue with other producers. It is with the exchange with others that the most interesting journeys begin. It is often also how you can get to know which cities and partners can be strategic for your offer and dive into cultural aspects of a particular area and the mindset of its people which might be useful to you.

However it is not always easy to get these results on your own. Relying on professionals who already know the market, its needs and priorities makes your first approach to wine importers much easier.

Why choose an agency for Italian wine exporting?

When you rely on an Italian wine agency such as Vianello Wines, you approach target markets abroad knowing that you have a team of specialized and expert professionals by your side, who are able to guide you straightaway to your right target market.

Such an agency is the perfect meeting point between supply and demand, the ideal interlocutor between the two parties – we know what importers need and wish for and we also listen to wine producers, seeking the best solution for everyone involved.

Vianello Wines has been supporting Italian wineries in their export projects in Germany and Northern Europe for more than 20 years. How?

  • We taste your wine to outline the best target market and your target audience.
  • We analyze deeply your business to suggest new strategy ideas and innovative communication channels to you. We help you develop custom made projects for the targeted audience, trying to showcase your offer at the best we can with its distinctive elements, using the right tone of voice.
  • We introduce you and your business to our historical customers, that cherish our collaboration from a long time and with whom we already have relationship of mutual esteem. This way you will get in touch with interested importers straightaway.
  • We are constantly getting inputs from the wine market and can help you understand it: we study trends and monitor the newest data to introduce you to new business and communication ideas, but also to discuss with you new strategies and a possible restyling in relation to your portfolio.

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