“Il Covo” and Syrah: the new Sicilian wines of Teatro Latino

“Il Covo” and Syrah: the new Sicilian wines of Teatro Latino

The Teatro Latino line “I classici” keeps surprising its customers and offers two new Sicilian wines starting from today: “Il Covo” and Syrah.

“Il Covo” is a blend of Sicilian grapes aged in barriques and represents the sicilian counterpart of our “Mescà”. It deals with an important wine ideal for special occasions, and it is sold in a black and gold box, which besides underlying its preciousness and making it suitable to be exhibited in your shop, allows a perfect conservation of the product.
The name “Il Covo” makes reference to the “cave” of Polyphemus, the most famous and fearsome among the cyclopes who inhabited the magic Sicilian isles, according to the legend.

The second new wine is a pure Syrah, fresher and very pleasant. The cultivation of this varietal in Sicily has such ancient origins that is said to derive its name from the city of Syracuse.
Symbol of the label of this wine are the masks of Caltagirone, UNESCO heritage and wonderful Sicilian form of art.

If you have any questions about these products, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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