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Imports from Italy

Today, Vianello Wines’ customers are spread over 21 countries, from the United States to Northern Europe up to Asia.

However, the German market has always played a fundamental role for us: it is the market in which we have been based for 8 years, and which we know better thanks to the daily relationship with our importers. It is the constant contact with the market that tells us what the next trends will be, what impact the introduction of a new product law may have, or what challenges will have to face.

Our key points

Thanks to this experience, today Vianello Wines can offer a complete service to those who want to import wine from Italy to Germany, from the selection of the most suitable wines to the best ways to promote it to the final clients. We can for instance:

• Provide advice on the import requirements (VAT number, excise duty, registration with the agency for the disposal of product packaging introduced in the German market);
• Provide you with logistic solutions for the transport of goods from Italy to Germany;
• Recommend the most suitable wines for a first entry into the market, and those to be presented to customers in second place (always in relation to the reference channel);
• Accompany you to get to know the producers and visit the splendid regions of origin, so as to transmit them effectively and professionally to your customers;
• Accompany you during tasting events and trade fairs organized at your location.

Twenty Years Experience

Twenty years of experience in importing wines in Germany, which allows us to respond to your requests and doubts

Safe Shipping

Punctuality and clarity, to ensure that every step is taken care with attention to detail and the bottles of wine can reach the destination without problems

Legal Expertise

Knowledge and constant updating regarding the legislation in force both in Italy and in Germany about the transport of alcohol