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Large distribution

Vianello Wines exports wine products even to large retailers, thanks to a line designed specifically for this sale system. In this dedicated line, we have selected wines that can satisfy the taste of the general public. Indeed, large-scale distribution requires a different kind of product than those which are suited for restaurants or wine bars; a wine that, while maintaining high quality, can be sold at affordable prices. Paying attention to customer preferences, we meet the needs of the large-scale retail trade with a convenient and varied selection.

Our key points are

Customized selections

With the aim of satisfying any request, we give to our clients the possibility to create personalized selections based on both the variety of wines and their price range

Attention to needs

We support our customers with a special line designed for large-scale distribution, with high quality wines at affordable prices suitable for the general public

Value for money

The products we offer are characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio: even with the most affordable wines we do not renounce to quality, always offering excellent Italian products