NEW: restyling Abruzzo Teatro Latino!

NEW: restyling Abruzzo Teatro Latino!

The second major change regarding the Teatro Latino line is the design of Abruzzo wines.

As it is the case for the other wines of the “I Classici” line, now also the lady and the warrior are represented as icons in the centre of the label, and they seem to suggest that we follow the asterisk on the back label, where they tell us their story…



A sky-blue background was chosen as a background for the for the lady of the Scanno wedding procession *. The icon represents the back side of her head to highlight typical headcloth of braided silk cords. From here, we can only guess that she is looking at the bride leaving the church, and that she is ready to parade among the women of the village, all of them dressed in the traditional costume, looking forward to the feast day …
* small Abruzzo village famous for the “Lu Catenacce” wedding procession, named after the typical female headcloth reproduced here.

The majestic statue of the Warrior of Capestrano, on the other hand, stands on a brick-red background. It was found while ploughing the ground for the planting of a vineyard, and now it is to be seen in the national museum of Chieti.
This finding, dating back to the VII-VI century. B.C., is perhaps the most important testimony of the ancient Piceno people, so much so that it has become by extension the symbol of the Abruzzo population.
Its history, which is also a legend, evokes the image of heroes and leaders, the powerful sound of drums in the dark and the fascinating feeling of ancient rites between myth and religion…