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Piedmont Wines

Piedmont Wines

Piedmont boasts a long winemaking tradition aimed at producing quality wines, as well as protecting the landscape; it is not by chance that the area of the Langhe – Monferrato is included in the sites protected by UNESCO. The Langhe – Monferrato are the ideal territory for the wines of Piedmont, a territory characterized by hills as far as the eye can see, ancient villages and perched castles, and a succession of gentle slopes planted with vines. Here, in addition to the very famous Barolo and Barbaresco, great quality white wines and famous sweet wines are at home, among which it is impossible not to mention the famous Moscato d’Asti.

Piedmont can boast 18 DOCG and 42 DOC that represent 85% of the regional production. Its ampelographic heritage includes a large number of vines; Barbera is the most common grape variety in the region, followed by Moscato, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo. In addition, many native varieties are grown, which make any wine journey in this beautiful region particularly interesting. In this regard, not to be missed are the famous “Wine Routes” – that wind through the enchanting Piedmontese hills, and that will lead you to the discovery of true eno-gastronomic wonders.

The undisputed centrality of Piedmont in the world wine scene makes its wines an undisputed “must-have” for any Italian wine shop and restaurant. Discover them in the Vianello Wines assortment!

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