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The production of grappas and liqueurs, for Pisoni , is still today a family art, a secret handed down from master to master, from generation to generation. As a matter of fact, it is said that their distillates were served at the episcopal court in the 14th century. In addition to the classic lines, which include the elegant “Clessidra”, in today’s Pisoni assortment we find young and appealing products, such as the “Schweizer” in the young and aged versions, the liqueurs, and the Bombardino.

The history of the winery is just as important: among the first to produce the classic Trentodoc method, Pisoni still concentrates on a small high-quality artisan production. An example? The rémuage, i.e. the process by which the maturing bottles on the pupitres are rotated on their axis at regular intervals to let the yeasts fall down the neck, is still done by hand. The proof of this artisanal process is the characteristic white mark that we still find on the bottom of the bottles, to indicate the angle of rotation reached in a given moment.

In recent years the Pisoni family has invested heavily in research and development; new products have been created and the sales network has been expanded. The number of foreign customers has increased, so that now the products are distributed in various European market and the USA, in Canada and in Asia. The secret of this success? The great passion of the family for their work, combined with an innate curiosity for everything that happens in the market and in the world. This is what has always allowed them to renew their offer, while firmly maintaining their roots.

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