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Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Doc – Thomas

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Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Doc – Thomas

To those red wine enthusiasts who may not frequently indulge in whites, we recommend this rosé, often referred to as the “red dressed in rosé”. Its robust structure and notes of small berries are complemented by a delightful freshness, imparting a summery character to the wine. “Thomas” stands out as a significant Cerasuolo, true to its style.

Type:Rosé, still
Wine Flavor:Dry
Alcohol content:13%
Manufacturing:White winemaking; short maceration; maturation in steel
Wine characteristics:Cherry color, intense and enveloping aroma of small red fruits, fresh and balanced on the palate
Assortment tip:Wine for wine shops, restaurants, wine bars; sale by the glass
Occasion:Pairing wine, evenings with friends, and aperitifs; with finger food

The Last Born: “Thomas”

In Gianluca Marchioli’s life, family has always played a fundamental role. This is why each of the wines in his assortment bears a name that refers to a family member. “Thomas” stands for “Tommaso”, the youngest son.

A little language study:
By the way, the word Rosé comes from French. It means rosy and has nothing to do with the rose. The spellings Rosè or Rose’ are simply wrong.

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