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Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc – Titus

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Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc – Titus

“Titus” is a red wine boasting aromas of freshly ripened red fruit—a pleasantly harmonious blend of full-bodied and refreshing qualities. Montepulciano stands as one of the great wines of Abruzzo and holds the distinction of being the first product from the Marchioli assortment exported to New York—an achievement that Gianluca still takes great pride in.

Type:Red, still
Wine Flavor:Dry
Alcohol content:13.5%
Manufacturing:Red vinification; barrel maturation
Wine characteristics:Intense red; red fruits and notes of vanilla and cocoa
Assortment tip:Wine for wine shops, restaurants, wine bars; sale by the glass; a must-have
Occasion:Pairing wine, evenings with friends, barbecues

The Name: “Titus”

In Gianluca Marchioli’s life, family has always played a fundamental role. This is why each wine in his assortment bears a name that refers to a family member. “Titus” stands for “Tito,” Gianluca’s father and founder of the Marchioli company. The most representative wine in the assortment is dedicated to him: Montepulciano.

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