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Puglia Wines

Puglia Wines

Puglia is a region particularly suited to the production of quality wines, which are obtained both from native and international vines. The history of the cultivation of vine in Puglia is very long and dates back to Roman times. In his Naturalis Historia Plinio il Vecchio mentions that Malvasia Nera, Negroamaro and Uva di Troia were grown here; moreover, according to legend, Frederick II had thousands of vines planted in the Castel del Monte area because he understood the importance of wine production in the regional economy.

Today Apulian wines are enjoying a particularly favorable period; on the international scene the Primitivo and the Negroamaro are very famous, and they are are appreciated for their strength, softness and concentration. Red grape vines dominate the Apulian viticulture in an undisputed manner, covering about 80% of the total. Also important is the number of appellations that govern production in the different areas of the region: in addition to the 4 Denominations of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG), in Puglia we find 28 Denominations of Controlled Origin (DOC). This is the highest number after Tuscany, and therefore clarly indicates the great attention given to quality winemaking today.

Although it is always difficult – and perhaps sometimes improper – to talk about a “common” characteristic among wines, on the other hand we can say that Puglia is the region where it is most likely to find red wines with great softness and concentration.

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