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Red Wines

Red Wines

Thanks to its rich winemaking tradition, Italy has always been one of the largest producers of red wine in the world. The maceration on the skins and the extraction of the typical red colors of Italian wines, combined with the unique scents given by the terroir, allow our products to be suitable on many occasions.

The best pairings for red wine are red meats, like the tasty Fiorentina Toscana cooked on the grill and left to rest before being served with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt, or the more traditional “tagliata” flavored with rosemary. There are many combinations for Italian red wines, thanks also to the various traditional regional recipes ranging from north to south, from Abruzzo to Puglia where the classic Primitivo red wine is served cool to brighten up the summer tables with friends after a hot day at the seaside, or also with Barbera whose color is ruby red and turns towards garnet with aging. The nose is dominated by small red fruits that evolve into hints of jam and fruit in alcohol, balsamic and spicy notes. The Bardolino is completely different, both in the “Chiaretto” and in the red version, in which the color tends to ruby red, sometimes garnet with aging. The perfume is characteristic with notes of cherry, marasca, strawberry, raspberry, currant.

These are some examples of the wide range of red wines selected by Vianello Wines. From Piedmontese Barbaresco to Sicilian Syrah, from Amarone to Primitivo … Discover them all in this dedicated section.

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