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Restaurants are experiencing a period of great popularity, also thanks to the media and by “food and wine” related shows. At the same time, the demands and expectations of the customers are also growing, so that often they expect to live unique experiences when they go out for dinner.

For over twenty years, Vianello Wines has been supporting restaurateurs in choosing the most suitable wines for their customers. Among our most successful products, for example, we can include the red Ireos Soraighe – the particular blend of the Bennati family that requires presentation “by the glass” before being included in the wine list. The customer, in fact, will prefer to taste a glass before deciding to buy the bottle, which is why it is good to give him or her this opportunity immediately.

Our key points

Our services, however, do not stop there: now we can also create wine lists that include the products in our assortment and the restaurant logo, thus allowing a great time and cost saving. The advantage is manifold: the restaurateur will have a useful sales tool that will facilitate the product presentation; this will turn into higher sales and brand promotion.

Further services:
• We support importers in the design of banners and roll-ups for the product promotion, based on the needs of the target segment and the specific period of the year;
• We have created vademecums with tips for organizing tastings that are enjoyable for the customers and profitable for restaurants;
• We participate in tasting events and trade fairs.

It is also part of our services:
• to support our customers with the necessary import requirements;
• to provide all the solutions needed to facilitate any logistics-related process.

Support to the restaurateur

We support you in order to satisfy any type of need. Importing even a few bottles of wine will not be a problem with Vianello Wines

Attention to detail

We leave nothing to chance because we want to offer a complete and satisfying service, from the buying of the bottle to a personalized wine card

Market awareness

The taste of German consumers has no secrets for us: we will be able to show you what to buy and what combinations you can propose