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Rosé Wines

Rosé Wines

Rosé has always been a particular wine: in the fresher versions it goes well with appetizers as a white would do, while in more structured versions it can be a valid alternative to red wines.

Rosé wine comes from a brief maceration of red grapes on the grape skins. A maceration that can last a few hours, or even 1 day depending on the type of grape you are going to press and the intensity of color you want to get. In fact, after a short maceration, pale rosé wines are obtained, characterized by the primary scents of red fruits typical of red wines but which never overwhelm the freshness of Rosé wine. Longer macerations instead lead to darker and deeper rosé wines.

Still, semi-sparkling or sparkling, Italian Rosé wine is among the most recognized and appreciated.

Thanks to its characteristics of freshness, the particular softness of tannins and the prevalence of primary aromas obtained from the short maceration, rosé wine is suitable for all dishes. From pizza to red meats; from the typical tortellini of the Emilia-Romagna tradition to the richest dishes of southern Italy. And – why not – even a dessert if we think of sparkling Rosé wine.

From the sweeter versions to the drier ones, with fresh and fruity or more marked aromas, discover within the Vianello Wines catalog which rosé wine is for you!