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Sicily Wines

Sicily Wines

Immersed in the enchanting Mediterranean landscape of the island, the Sicilian vineyards enjoy a particularly suitable climate for their cultivation. The important local wine production, spread over more than 100,000 hectares, is characterized by both structured red wines and more fruity and floral white wines. Very famous are also the liqueur wines, or the Sicilian passito wines (one above all, the best known, is the Muscat of Pantelleria) obtained by allowing the grapes to dry in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Of great interest is also the fact that the Sicilian wine tradition is the result of influences of cultures and trades with other countries – a melting pot of aromas blended over the centuries. Among the great “imported vines” we will mention, for example, Syrah, which originated in the Ancient East and is now the main wine of the Syracuse area. Its main features? Notes of blueberries, blackberries, and then plum, licorice, tobacco and tantalizing pepper notes at the end.

Today, Sicilian wines, like other wines from Southern Italy, are experiencing a very favorable period internationally, thanks also to a recent trend to produce wines characterized by greater freshness and lower alcohol content. A holiday in Sicily is enough to fall in love with this island and its wines, so much so that you will want to taste them again when back home!

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