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Sparklings Wines and Spumanti

Sparklings Wines and Spumanti

In the international wine scene, Italian semi-sparkling wines and sparkling wines certainly play an important role. They are suitable for both important events and anniversaries, and to celebrate a happy aperitif with friends after a working day.

The assortment ranges from the famous Prosecco, both in its sparkling and semi-sparkling form and characterized by fresh, floral primary aromas and a marked acidity, to wines produced according to the “Champenoise” method, where the second fermentation in the bottle gives the wine a richness of aromas and an incomparable structure, ready to be uncorked. In this latter method, the development of carbon dioxide, due to fermentation, produces an internal pressure that varies from a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 6.5 bar.

Sometimes, the more gentle semi-sparkling wine is the perfect solution to accompany a lunch or a dinner and give a pleasant sensation on the palate, without neglecting the taste characteristics. The freshness of semi-sparkling wines makes them perfect for lightly fat dishes or creamy risottos.

Be it a semi-sparkling or a sparkling wine that you are looking for, we can advise you on the purchase of the most suitable wines depending on your distribution channels, and supporting you in the promotion. Discover the Vianello Wines range!