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Trentino Wines

Trentino Wines

Trentino Alto Adige is the northernmost region in Italy – a predominantly mountainous region which represents the ideal terroir for white and aromatic wines such as Müller Thurgau or Gewürztraminer, and for reds of great elegance and expressiveness such as Pinot Noir. This is mainly due to the important temperature range between day and night, the good exposure of the slopes and soils rich in minerals.

As for the sparkling wines, it is impossible not to mention TRENTODOC, the appellation standing for the so-called “metodo classico” (aka Champenoise method) from Trentino Alto Adige. In the middle of the last century, a consortium was founded to protect this excellent production, and it is still very active in promoting it.

The world of spirits completes the already vast and very interesting panorama of Trentino. Also in this case, in the second half of the twentieth century the need to protect local quality production arouse; this is how the “Istituto per la Protezione della Grappa Trentina” was created, which still today identifies with a brand (the famous “Tridente”) only the grappas that respect the strict qualitative and productive protocols imposed by the disciplinary. Particularly interesting, in this regard, is the typically Trentino discontinuous distillation method “Tullio Zadra” (from the name of its inventor), characterized by the slow processing of the vinasse and the constant human control over it.

Thanks to its dual nature as a distillery and producer of sparkling wines, and to its historic contribution to the foundation of both protection consortia, the Pisoni company best expresses the great quality production of Trentino.

Discover with us the Pisoni assortment and enter the world of a family-run company that still preserves the poetry of small quality artisanal production!