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Veneto Wines

Veneto Wines

Veneto is among the first wine-producing regions in Italy, with a wide offer ranging from still white wines such as Soave or Lugana, to red wines like Amarone, to sparkling wines like Durello or Prosecco.
The history of wine in Veneto begins long before the Greeks, to whom the introduction of the vine in Italy is recognized. It is believed that wild vines were present in the Veneto region as early as many centuries before Christ and the grapes were a common food for the populations of those times.
Later on, Venetian merchants introduced new varieties; many vines adapted particularly well to the Venetian territory so much that some became part of the local tradition. The importance of this sector already in ancient times is proven by the fact that the Venetian glassmakers began to forge bottles and glasses specifically dedicated to wine.

Among today’s best known wines we can find Soave and Lugana among the whites, the Amarone della Valpolicella among the reds, and the Durello and the widespread Prosecco (Charmat-Martinotti method) among the sparkling wines – all “must-have” wines for any wine shop that intends to offer to its customers a good assortment of wines from Northern Italy. Thanks to the great variety of wines produced, Veneto is perhaps the region that we can recommend to those who want to start setting up a corner of Italian wines in their sgop.

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