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Wine importer


New trends, new demands, evolving laws, constantly evolving logistics systems … all this movement in the market makes the wine importer’s job certainly fascinating and stimulating but, undoubtedly, very complex.
The objective of Vianello Wines has always been to support the importer and facilitate his work from the moment of the order to the moment in which the goods are delivered in his warehouses.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the product, we can advise the importer on the purchase of the most suitable wines for the different distribution channels (, wine shops, online sales, retail outlets …), but also on the most suitable shipping methods, and on the most suitable promotion techniques within each market segment.

Our key points

We are aware that customers entering a wine shop will have different needs than those entering a restaurant. This leads to different choices about the assortment to be offered to wine shop owners and restaurateurs, but not only: the way in which the product is presented to the customer will be different.

Precisely for this reason, over the years, we have developed projects with our importers to better promote the wines of our assortment among their customers. The aim was not only to position the winery brand and that of the importer, but also to increase sales and establish real partnerships that have continued for decades. Here are our main services:

• We support importers in the design and subsequent creation of banners and roll-ups for the promotion of specific products, based on the needs of the reference segment and / or based on seasonality;
• We have created (and we continue to update with new ideas) some “handbooks” for the importers with suggestions for organizing tastings that are pleasant for the customers and profitable for the importers themselves;
We accompany the importers to the wineries in order to meet the producers and discover the splendid regions;
• We are at the importer’s side during tasting events and trade fairs organized at its headquarters;
• We are always open to evaluating new marketing projects, not least personalized labels and wine lists.
It is also part of our services:
• to support our customers with the necessary import requirements;
• to provide all the solutions needed to facilitate any logistics-related process.

Support for wine shops

To offer a complete service and help wine shops present the wines purchased in the best way, Vianello Wines also offers support for the organization of carefully planned wine-tastings

Variety of products

Italian wines are numerous, but all share a great quality. Aware of the importance of diversity, we offer a varied selection from both the North and the South of Italy

Value for money

The products we offer are characterized by a good price-quality ratio, both for the most sought-after and expensive products and for the more accessible mid-range products