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The steps to import wine from Italy are numerous and include, among others, the management of customs procedures and the choice of the logistics operator. Moreover it is equally important to know how many bottles to import at a time, and how to organize the cases on the pallet so that it is stable during transport. Bottles of different shapes and heights, in fact, involve boxes of different sizes, which must therefore be placed on the pallet so as to form uniform layers from the bottom upwards.

The advice of Vianello Wines, therefore, is to buy complete layers per wine line. One of our services is to advise on the organization of the pallet so that as stable as possible. When placing the order, our team will propose any necessary changes, so that only the correct indications will arrive at the warehouse.

The most important issue of all, however, remains the choice of the wine to be imported: which wines should be included in the first order? Which ones are best known, and which are the least? What is the minimun order?

A good practice, according to Vianello Wines, consists in focusing on a series of products that are representative of the territory of origin, and buying them in good quantity, rather than buying a multitude of different products in small quantities. The reason is simple: in the second case, the most requested wines will sell out quickly, leaving the importer with a big stock of many different wines, and at the same time with the need to already place a new order for the “best seller” wines . This means, unfortunately, having stock capital, and at the same time needing money for the new order.

In order to avoid all this and to help the importer to choose the wines to start with, here is the list of the most successful wines in our assortment within each product line.