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Wine Shops

How to retain customers?
How to acquire new customers?
How to differentiate yourself from the competition?
Can events and “experiential marketing” make a difference in my case?

These are just some of the questions posed by the owners and managers of wine bars in today’s continuously evolving market.

Thanks to its twenty years of experience in this sector, Vianello Wines today stands as a strategic partner for the promotion of Italian wine in wine bars and restaurants.

Our key points

Whether it is a first trial purchase, for which we can indicate the most successful wines, or the need to propose seasonal or regional novelties to your loyal customers, Vianello Wines can indicate the most suitable wines in each situation.

As a matter of fact,, we are aware that it is necessary to first listen to the customers’ needs and give some advice on which wines will satisfy them; at the same time it is essential to anticipate trends, to surprise those who enter the store with captivating novelties, and to decline the offer based on the person in front of us. The personal knowledge of each of our customers, the kindness of the staff, the human contact is what makes the experience of entering a wine shop just unique.

It is precisely the personal relationship that Vianello Wines has established with each customer that has allowed us to develop successful ideas and projects together with them.

From the promotion of historical vintages through vertical tastings, to the use of social platforms, Vianello Wines has always based its strategies on flexibility and creativity.

Here are some of our services to wine shops:
• We support wine shops in the design of banners and roll-ups for product promotion;
• We have created (and we continue to update with new ideas) some “vademecums” that collect useful tips for organizing tastings that are enjoyable for the customers and profitable for the wine shop owner;
• We accompany wine shop operators to the wineries, so they can meet the producers and their ;
• We participate in tasting events and trade fairs organized at the wine shop site;
• If necessary: we offer advice to our customers on the necessary import requirements and on solutions to facilitate any logistics-related processes.

Support for wine shops

To offer a complete service and help wine shops present the wines purchased in the best way, Vianello Wines also offers support for the organization of carefully planned wine-tastings

Variety of products

Italian wines are numerous, but all share a great quality. Aware of the importance of diversity, we offer a varied selection from both the North and the South of Italy

Value for money

The products we offer are characterized by a good price-quality ratio, both for the most sought-after and expensive products and for the more accessible mid-range products