“When men and mountains meet, great things happen*”. It is with this sentence by “Don Zio”, as one of the Pisoni family’s distinguished ancestors was nicknamed, that we would like to introduce this bitter that was indeed created with the herbs growing on the Trentino Dolomites and the human expertise of this 1852-founded distillery.

The most distinguishing feature about Don Zio is that it is solely grappa-based, whereas most bitters are usually produced with common ethylic alcohol.
This means it is a completely natural product that is gentler on the palate and that offers a wide spectrum of aromas on the nose. As a matter of fact, the aromas of the grape skins mix harmoniously with the flowery and citrus scents of the herbs creating a unique and intriguing taste.
To conclude, the young and ironic label featuring a skiing Don Zio places this bitter among the most peculiar Pisoni products that are so popular among our customers (for example: cuor di cioccolato,asperula grappa).

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