New Pisoni liqueurs!

With great pleasure we announce you the restyling of the Pisoni Limoncello and the entry of 6 new liqueurs in the assortment of the destillery: blueberry, rosolio, honey, peach, green apple and plum. It deals with completely natural products: the first four are obtained from Pisoni grappa, while the others from the distillate of the fruit indicated on the label. Very soft on the palate,…

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“Sun grappa”: the new Pisoni bio product

For some months the Pisoni distillery has expanded its assortment with the new Grappa Trentina bio 50°, the so-called “Grappa del Sole” (sun grappa), wanting to recall the nice image on the label. Thanks to this new product, the Pisoni family is glad to address also to a more niche clientele. But why choosing 50 degrees instead of the classic 40 or 45? The…

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The new Trebbiano 2018 is available with cork!

We are glad to inform you that the new vintage 2018 of Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Teatro Latino is officially available. We are very satisfied about the quality of this product, of which we have great expectations. Actually the real change concerning this product refers to the closure. Indeed we have decided to use the cork for Trebbiano as well, and to add the Teatro Latino logo on the capsule. This makes…

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New format 0,375 for the Bennati Amarone

The Bennati family is glad to inform you that the Amarone is available also in the 0,375 lt format starting from today. Through this new format, the winery aims at meeting the following need of consumers: having the chance to taste a high-quality wine combined with single courses of their meals. If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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“Il Covo” and Syrah: the new Sicilian wines of Teatro Latino

The Teatro Latino line “I classici” keeps surprising its customers and offers two new Sicilian wines starting from today: “Il Covo” and Syrah. “Il Covo” is a blend of Sicilian grapes aged in barriques and represents the sicilian counterpart of our “Mescà”. It deals with an important wine ideal for special occasions, and it is sold in a black and gold box, which besides…

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Don Zio: our first grappa-based mountain bitter

“When men and mountains meet, great things happen*”. It is with this sentence by “Don Zio”, as one of the Pisoni family’s distinguished ancestors was nicknamed, that we would like to introduce this bitter that was indeed created with the herbs growing on the Trentino Dolomites and the human expertise of this 1852-founded distillery. The most distinguishing feature about Don Zio is that it…

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