Italian Wine Export Agency - Vianello Wines

About Us

Vianello Wines is an Italian wine export and brokerage agency 

Our goal is to export wines, spirits and liqueurs that best embody the territory in which they are born.

Vianello Wines services are aimed at foreign buyers (wine shops, small and medium importers and distributors) interested in purchasing quality Italian wines from different regions and with a variety of denominations.

We consider ourselves a point of reference for international markets, backed by two decades of experience in the wine sector: it is a world we love and into which we put passion and enthusiasm, day after day. These ingredients make our and our Partners’ work fulfilling.

For Vianello Wines, the best selection of Italian wines is the result of constant research and dialogue. It is the result of our travels throughout Italy, and of direct contact with producers, with whom we share ideas and values.

Our Values

Our beliefs

The wonder of Italian know-how cannot be retained, it must be handed down and shared, in an authentic, original, passionate way.

Leonardo Vianello

The most beautiful things happen between people who love what they do

We add up each specific expertise of our team to transform it into a distinctive work system.

We offer our ability to listen, alongside competence, professionalism and concreteness. And all in real time.

Positivity and passion

We want positivity and passion to set us apart, to inform our unique ability to meet the supply-and-demand requirements.

Our team

Together, at your service



A long-experienced Export Manager, Leonardo is an incurable lover of beauty, of things well done and of quality; he founded Vianello Wines on the basis of these principles. The other cornerstone of his philosophy is sharing: you will always hear him talk about “team work”. Ours. Yours.



For 10 years Anna has been supporting Leonardo in export activities, in particular overseeing Northern European markets; it could not be any other way, given her passion for nature and all that is Scandinavian! She also oversees marketing activities in partnership with the Communication Agency and the Digital Consultant who works alongside Vianello Wines.



For Daniela there are no problems, only solutions in the making. Energetic, self-confident, cheerful and always ready to roll her sleeves up and lend a hand, Daniela is the pillar of the Back Office.



Along with Daniela, Marianna is the other supporting pillar of our Back Office, an unrivalled mix of optimism, kindness and, last but not least, professionalism, which allows us to always have maximum control over all activities.



Precise, attentive and concrete, Jasmine impeccably manages the administration and supports the commercial Back Office. She has the wonderful gift of calming souls, even when the most urgent orders need to be fulfilled.

We operate in the international wine sector and have honed particular experience in the German and Northern European markets. As proud ambassadors of the Made-in-Italy brand, we showcase the best Italian wines and spirits through tastings, trade fairs and B2B events.

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