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Navigating the complexities of wine importing can be daunting, but our mission is to make this process as straightforward as possible for you, the wine importer. That’s why we offer detailed guidance and services specifically designed to meet your wine logistics requirements.

Direct Import Prices For Each Wine Pallet

Partnering with Vianello Wines opens the door to the advantages and cost-effective rates of direct importing.

As a Wine Importer, Here’s What You Can Expect…

Access to a wide range of wines and spirits from diverse Italian regions, purchased directly from the producers at highly competitive prices.

Support from our network of wine experts and reliable freight forwarders, who help in assembling mixed pallets from various regions. This allows you to effortlessly curate a varied and appealing selection for your customers, even for orders as small as a single pallet.

Personal introductions to the producers are part of our service. We’re happy to arrange visits to the wineries for firsthand tastings. Alternatively, if a visit to Italy isn’t possible, we offer you the opportunity to meet these producers at the Prowein trade fair in Germany, bringing the essence of Italian wineries directly to you.


The Best Solution: For Your Italian Wine Import

Venturing into the importation of Italian wines for the first time can present various uncertainties. What are the necessary steps to import wine? What are the specific requirements? What documentation is needed? What roles and responsibilities are involved? Etc.

Our commercial office is dedicated to demystifying this process for you. Leveraging our rich experience in Germany, we’re well-versed in navigating through essential documentation such as the intra-community sales tax number, obtaining a specific excise license for imported wines, sparkling wines, and spirits, and, for Germany,  managing the registration with LUCID for packaging disposal. Our expertise isn’t limited to just Germany though; we have a broad understanding of the European market and extensive knowledge of numerous other countries worldwide.

What truly sets us apart is our ability to draw upon the collective wisdom and decades of experience from our network of wineries. This collaboration enables us to provide a comprehensive overview of the unique requirements for each market.

Our approach is grounded in transparency and assistance. Should there be a question outside our realm of expertise, we’re committed to connecting you with knowledgeable professionals who can offer the guidance needed. And in instances where we don’t have the answers, we’ll be upfront and honest about it. Our goal is to ensure you’re well-informed and confident at every step of your Italian wine import journey.

Being transparent also means we’ll carefully evaluate your specific circumstances to ascertain whether direct wine importation is the most advantageous path for you. If it turns out that the expenses surpass the benefits, we suggest collaborating with one of our regional importers as a viable alternative, ensuring you still receive the best possible value and service.


Assistance with Detailed Aspects of Wine Import

We handle both the small and crucial aspects of wine importation. For example, in Europe, if you do not have an excise number or wish to avoid the hassle of obtaining an excise license, we can link you with a dependable freight forwarder. This partner can provide the necessary service on your behalf as an importer.

Regardless of your query, we are confident in our ability to devise a suitable solution for you!


Wine Logistics: Made Easy

Navigating the import formalities of bringing wine into Germany is just the beginning; logistics, especially transportation, presents its own set of challenges. Vianello Wines is here to simplify this process with logistics solutions designed specifically for your needs.

If you already have a freight forwarder you trust, we will work closely with the wineries to ensure your order is prepared promptly. You’ll just need to instruct your carrier to collect the order once we’ve confirmed it’s ready. And if you are unsure about which freight forwarder to use, we’re here to recommend a reliable one for you.

There are also a few things to look at from a logistical perspective when putting together your order.

Whether ordering from one or multiple wineries, from a logistical standpoint, there are several considerations when assembling your order…

How many bottles can you put on a pallet of wine?

At Vianello Wines, we’re committed to helping you create pallets that are not only transport-efficient but also tailored to your specific selections.

Deciding how many bottles you can put on a pallet of wine involves ensuring pallet stability and that involves carefully choosing wine types and quantities, with the ultimate aim of minimizing transport costs per bottle through efficient pallet configuration.


Wine Import: Further Information

For a deeper dive into how we can facilitate your wine import journey, please visit our “Order Process” page. This section provides an in-depth look at the steps to import wine with our assistance and outlines what you can anticipate throughout our partnership.

If you have any further questions, simply contact us!