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Italian Spirits and Liqueurs

Our exclusive selection of Italian liqueurs and spirits:

Italian Spirits and Liqueurs: Top Quality at Producer Prices

Italian spirits and liqueurs are among the specialties that are very popular in Germany and beyond. Through Vianello Wines, you can access an array of the highest-quality products from our esteemed contractual partners.

Italian Grappa – A World-Renowned Distillate

Grappa, Italy’s most famous distillate, is exclusively produced in Italy from pomace. The fresher the pomace, the more aromatic the grappa. Pisoni, our leading supplier, not only has a rich tradition in distilling Italian Grappa but is also one of the co-founders of the “Istituto di Tutela” safeguarding Trentino’s grappa quality. Pisoni utilizes both its own and local pomace, from the surrounding area, ensuring freshness and quality.

Handcrafted Grappa with Fruity Grape Aromas

Whether aged in wood or steel tanks, grappa’s maturation process influences its flavor. Steel-tank matured grappas boast fruity aromas, with our Grappa-Moscato and Grappa-Gewürztraminer being must-have, bestsellers for your collection.

Noble Aromas of Wood-Aged Grappa

Wood-barrel aging, which lasts a longer period of time, imparts grappas with earthy, nutty, and spicy tones, like the Grappa Clessidra‘s noble unmistakable aroma.

The aging duration varies, creating different quality levels:

  • Grappa: “vecchia” or “invecchiata” is aged in wood for at least 1 year.
  • “Riserva” or “Stravecchia” is aged for at least 18 months.
  • “Barricata” is a barrique-aged grappa.

Try our Grappa Stravecchia Centenaria, a two-year oak-barrel-aged grappa with excellent value – For bar or retail customers.

Italian Gin: Naturally Fragrant Enjoyment

Italian gin, crafted from juniper berries and local herbs, offers a natural aromatic experience. Pisoni Gin, made with mountain-sourced juniper and herbs, provides a unique taste. Best served neat or with light tonic to enhance its natural fragrance. It’s clear that not only grappa comes from Italy as excellent gins are also produced here.

Italian liqueur: The Sweet Highlight in your Range

Italian liqueurs use alcohol to extract flavors from local herbs, spices, or fruits, with sugar adding sweetness (An important ingredient). Pisoni’s Italian spirits and liqueurs, often made with their own grappa, offer a uniquely rounded taste due to its natural oils.

Italian Limoncello, a staple in Italian restaurants, is an exquisite choice. Limoncello from Pisoni, which will delight your customers, when mixed with Prosecco, creates a delicious Limoncello Spritz, perfect for spring and summer. Great for a store’s catalog and perhaps offer your customers something new, as a limoncello spritz is a quick-make at home.

Explore our fruity liqueurs for inventive, refreshing mixed drinks at your bar. Our special Amaro from Pisoni, a herbal bitter, is an ideal digestive and a must-have in fine dining and delicatessens. This noble bitter made from fragrant, fresh herbs from the surrounding mountains awakens the spirits and well-being of your customers.

Flavored Grappa: A Unique Italian Spirit

Naturally flavoring grappa is a traditional practice in Trentino Alto Adige. By infusing fruits into grappa, unique flavors emerge, like our best-selling woodruff grappa in Germany, made with local woodruff and Trentino Pisoni grappa.

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