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Our exclusive selection of Italian sweet wines:

Italian Sweet Wine: A Specialty for Gastronomy and Retail

Italian sweet wines are not just delicious specialties; they are a unique addition that elevates your wine selection. We offer an exquisite range of selected sweet wine Italy options that will captivate your customers.

Sweet Wine from Italy: Round off your Range

The world of Italian Sweet Wines is as diverse as other wine categories but often underrepresented in many retailers’ offerings.

Why include sweet Italian wines in your range? These wines are crucial for fine dining and retail, often paired with strong cheeses and desserts. They are essential for menus, especially involving cakes, cheese specialties, or for those who enjoy sweet beverages.

By incorporating Italian sweet wine into your selection, you can offer comprehensive and expert advice, assisting customers in areas where they might otherwise struggle to choose due to a lack of familiarity.

There’s a misconception that sweet wine from Italy might be of lower quality or artificially sweetened. Our high-quality sweet wine selections will thoroughly dissolve these myths.

Passito wine 

The most renowned of the Italian sweet wines is Vino Passito, made from very ripe grapes, which are often sun-dried or naturally withered grapes (left in the sun for several months). This process results in wines rich in residual sugar and natural, fruity aromas, such as Recioto from Verona. Vino Passato, available in both white and red variants, is akin to the German “straw wine” and has a taste similar to Beerenauslese.

Moscato d’Asti – Lightly Sweet and Naturally Delightful

Another Italian specialty is Moscato d’Asti, known for being a particularly light sweet Italian wine. Its sweetness comes from halted fermentation, retaining the grapes’ natural sugars. With only 5% alcohol content, it maintains a delightful sweetness.

These wines exhibit primary grape aromas, especially intense and fruity with peach flavors. We proudly offer top-quality Moscato d’Asti with lasting, fine bubbles from Dante Rivetti.

Include this refined Italian sweet wine in your selection, appealing to customers seeking low-alcohol options – a trend with significant growth potential.

Feel free to combine your sweet wine order with other selections, as we’re skilled at creating mixed pallets tailored to your needs. Experience our exceptional service firsthand.

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