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Wine Selection: Italian Wines for the Export Market

A key service we offer to wholesalers and retailers is curating a selection of wines that are perfectly aligned with your market demands.

We meticulously choose and evaluate wineries that produce wines meeting the quality, characteristics, and price preferences of European consumers, ensuring a match with their tastes and needs.

Personalized Customer Consultation

The journey of direct wine importation starts with choosing the right wines, which at Vianello Wines, hinges on two crucial elements:

In-depth market insight combined with a keen understanding and feeling of customer needs.

Through our wine consulting services, we take the time to understand your unique requirements as a customer. This enables us to recommend wines that align perfectly with your specific business model – whether you’re a wine retailer, a gourmet food store, or you supply restaurants and wine bars.

For our business clients, we selectively suggest products from our portfolio that match your target type and price range, aiming to help you achieve your business objectives.

On-site Sales Support

As an extra service, upon request, we can join you at customer tastings or support you in the hospitality sector to enhance your marketing efforts for our products, ultimately boosting your sales and revenue.

This approach transforms wine selling into a authentic experience for both you and your customers.

Comprehensive Product Information at Your Fingertips

We keep track of what you need so you can focus entirely on your business.

Picture this: You’ve placed your order and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of your broad and varied selection. Fantastic!

But then comes the question: How much time will it take to gather all the necessary information from each producer to effectively promote your products and inform your customers?

We understand this challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled all essential information for you, the wine importer, in our download area.

For each winery, you’ll find product photos and descriptions, awards, company images, the EAN code list, and much more!

Everything is accessible with just one click, eliminating the need to download files from multiple web pages.

Plus, we ensure all our data is continuously updated for your convenience.

Developing Your Business with Our Wine Expert Network

The wine and spirits industry is vast and vibrant, yet it’s interconnected enough for us to forge meaningful relationships. Building connections with peers and professionals within this realm can be both enjoyable and beneficial.

Should you have specific needs or seek wines currently outside our selection, please reach out to us. Perhaps we can offer you services or wines that we haven’t known about until now. Our continuous exploration of the wine world means we’re always ready to support your business growth with informed advice!

You can contact us here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.