Personalised Wine Label: Customized wine bottles from Italy


Have you always dreamed of providing your customers with unparalleled wine enjoyment under your own in-house brand? Through Vianello Wines, you can now order Italian wine featuring your private label, effortlessly establishing your unique brand. This opportunity comes with minimum order quantities that are below the industry average and a quality guaranteed to impress your customers.

Order Wine with Your Personalized Label

Wine serves as a gateway to the regions from which it originates, offering a glimpse into their aromas, flavors, and culture. However, the vast array of options available and the increasing ease of comparison created by online shopping make it challenging to provide customers with something truly unique.

4 Benefits of Branding Your Wine with a Personal Label

Having your “own wine” with your label offers significant competitive advantages, particularly in enhancing your brand’s autonomy.

Crafting not just a label but a distinctive brand puts you in full control… It puts reins in your hands. And here’s what it entails:

  • Tailored Brand Image: Your label is a canvas for your brand’s identity, and is the fun and creative side to building your branding strategy.
  • Storytelling and Emotional Connection: A personalized label allows you to weave your narrative, evoke emotions, and communicate directly with your audience.
  • Exclusive Distribution Channels: You decide on the specific sales channels for your wine, ensuring exclusivity.
  • Controlled Profit Margins: Setting your own prices means your profits aren’t influenced by market price comparisons, allowing for potentially higher margins.

Let’s dive deeper into the last point to understand its impact better.

Price Autonomy with Your Personalized Wine Label

Marketing wines from renowned wineries certainly has its perks, including leveraging their established image, popularity, and marketing efforts.

Yet, the advent of online shopping has introduced a high level of price transparency, significantly limiting your pricing flexibility.

Creating your own brand with a personalized label, however, offers you a broader pricing scope and reduces direct comparisons with other vendors. Whether you aim to reflect your company’s heritage, showcase your unique corporate identity, commemorate a significant milestone, or develop a comprehensive brand, a customized wine label can serve as a potent catalyst for your business growth.

Wine With Your Own Logo: How It Works

At Vianello Wines, we have a network of professionals dedicated to bringing your personalized wine label project to life, with every step seamlessly coordinated by us.

The Personalization Process: Step by Step

  1. Initial contact: You contact us at Contact
  2. Wine selection: Together, we’ll select the wines that perfectly align with your vision.
  3. Label design options:
    • Do you already have a ready-to-use graphic file for the labels? Then you’re all set for the next phase.
    • Don’t have a graphic for a label yet? We collaborate with talented graphic designers who can help you create your dream label.
  1. Label review: The winery will then review your label design to ensure it complies with regulatory standards.
  2. Printing costs: We’ll calculate the printing expenses, aiming to optimize your investment based on the required quantities and your budget.
  3. Bottling: Your wine is then individually bottled and labeled with your design.
  4. Logistics support: We assist in arranging the transportation of your pallets directly to you.

With Vianello Wines, creating wine with your own logo is straightforward, ensuring your brand stands out with a unique touch.

How Long Does it Take to Produce Private Label Wine?

The production timeline for private label wine varies significantly depending on whether your label design is ready or not. With an existing label design, the process typically takes at least 2 months. However, if a label needs to be created, the timeframe can extend considerably, depending on the project’s complexity.

Given the involvement of multiple partners in the process, including us, the winery, the printing company, and potentially a graphic designer, we strongly advise planning these projects well in advance. Rushing tends to be counterproductive.

The most effective approach is to get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation, allowing us to review and plan everything collaboratively!

What Wines Can Be Bottled with Your Own Label?

Choosing the right wines for bottling under your own label involves close coordination process with us. The selection depends on various factors, including your target customer base, the desired brand image, and more.

Generally, we suggest a range of options for custom labels, from popular everyday wines known for their freshness to those with a good structure. We offer a variety of choices across different regions and winemakers.

Partnering with medium-sized producers offers the benefit of greater flexibility and doesn’t require a large initial investment (such as ordering tens of thousands of bottles).

This leads us to the final critical question:

What Are the Minimum Order Quantities for Private Label Wines

Our collaboration with select producers enables us to offer private label wines with minimum orders as low as 2 pallets per wine type, equivalent to roughly 1500 bottles. For some wines, the minimum may rise to 3 pallets.

Considering label production, it’s economically viable for orders of 3,000 labels or more. This positions you uniquely in the B2B sector, within a niche of small-quantity orders not commonly available, enabling you to establish your brand with an attractive cost-benefit balance and sustainable investments.

It’s important to note that our producers require upfront payment for these customized orders since the wines are bottled exclusively for you and cannot be repurposed for other clients.

We’re excited to assist you in launching your own wine brand and facilitating your private label wine import. For more details, pricing, and terms, please reach out to us.