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Leveraging customer-oriented wine marketing and precise positioning is crucial for your success. Are you fully capitalizing on your business’s potential? Let us help you identify and transform opportunities into tangible results.

Navigating Your Wine Marketing Challenges:

The wine industry stands as a fiercely competitive arena, characterized by a market with more supply than demand and diminishing customer loyalties.

How can you, as a wine retailer, achieve a distinct position, differentiate yourself from competitors, and attract new customers? What makes your offering compelling enough for customers to choose you over the supermarket next door?

There are Also Further Challenges:

  • Limited time for strategy and planning, leading to reactive rather than proactive actions.
  • Overwhelmed by modern marketing techniques amid daily operations.
  • Shortage of impulses, interaction, and clear strategies on where to apply the levers for future improvements.

Customers and interested parties frequently highlight these issues during our conversations.

This is why we are presenting you with a valuable solution for your wine marketing challenges—introducing Weinfimmel’s strategy and marketing consultancy from our network of experts.

Wine Marketing: Empower Your Brand – Unleash Potential

This figure is merely one illustration of the untapped potential available to many businesses, even those that are currently performing well.

Collaboratively Shaping Your Business for Future Success and Results

  • More sales
  • More visibility
  • More range

Collaboration Process: How Do We Work With You?

Perhaps this seems a bit idealistic, and you’re curious about how our collaboration truly unfolds?

Here are some examples:

In our joint online sessions…

  • We identify your business development goals and aspirations.
  • Together, we gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses and look at how they can be optimized.
  • We collaborate to hone your business’s unique DNA.
  • We establish a distinct positioning to differentiate you from your competitors.

What Do You Get When You Work With Us?

By working with us, you benefit from the following opportunities and outcomes:

  • A unified direction for your business development and clear insights into your (online) marketing strategy to ensure sustainability in the coming years.
  • Development and implementation of concrete marketing measures designed to increase sales and visibility (SEO, copywriting, newsletter, blog, PR).
  • Tailored operational individual consulting on strategy, communication, and wine marketing, backed by concrete planning.

As a professional partner of Vianello Wines, we are happy to be at your side to fully develop the potential of your wine trade.

What Makes Weinfimmel the Ideal Partner for You?

Berliner Cosmopolitin meets Wine World

I’m Franziska Hübsch, the founder of Weinfimmel. With me as your consultant, you gain the unique advantage of partnering with the only professional in the wine industry who brings seven years of experience from the automotive sector, complemented by an MBA in “Wine, Sustainability & Sales” from Weincampus Neustadt.

Leveraging my interdisciplinary expertise, I craft unconventional and practical solutions tailored to your needs. My team and network, skilled in (online) marketing, stand ready to support you. Together, we will create a personalized strategy that aligns with your goals.

Professionalism meets passion, blending solution-focused approaches with a deep appreciation for your vision.

And a pinch of humor spices it all up – because having fun when working together is the key to exceptional results.

Franziska Hübsch von Weinfimmel und Partner für Weinvermarktung

Here’s What Customers Say About Weinfimmel:

“Thank you very much for your suggestions and encouragement to think BIG! The exchange with you, your food for thought, perspectives and your approach to teasing our vision out of us and making us aware were exactly the right thing for us. A lot has already arisen from it and will arise from it. Always happy and highly recommended.”

(VDP-Winery Bickel-Stumpf, Franken)

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