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Rosé Wines Italy: Versatility at Producer Prices

Despite its rich history, Italian rosé wine often remains underappreciated in the context of Italy’s renowned wine heritage.

Our selection, however, showcases the exceptional quality of Italian rosé wines, making a compelling case for their inclusion in your collection.

Rosato: Italian Rosé Wine from Sparkling to Tranquil Delights

Rosé wine, nestled between red and white wines, is gaining popularity among customers. Made from red grapes but processed similarly to white wine, Italian rosé wine possesses a unique character. The color and aroma of the wine largely depend on the length of time the grape skins are in contact with the must during vinification.

Every wine region in Italy boasts its own rosé favorite, using various red wine grapes.

Rosé Italy: Sparkling Rosé Wines from Italy

Sparkling Italian rosé wine is a specialty that deserves a place in your offerings. Perini’s Frizzante Rosé, for instance, is excellent both as an aperitif and paired with light fish dishes.

The Prosecco Spumante Brut Rosé stands out as a versatile delight. By definition, Prosecco is crafted from white wine grapes, predominantly 85% Glera. In this Prosecco Rosé variant, Pinot Noir from the Prosecco region is added as the second grape variety. This blend creates a captivating Prosecco, marked by a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, along with floral and fruity undertones.

Rosé Italy: Still rosé wines Italy

Our selection of still Italian rosé wines embodies typical rosé features. They’re adaptable accompaniments to various dishes, ideal for instances where a white wine might be too light, yet a red wine too intense. Rosé is an excellent choice when guests with diverse dish preferences want to share a bottle.

For special occasions, we recommend the Bardolino Chiaretto from Bennati, a perfect match for light summer meals, barbecues, and elegant shellfish dinners, evoking memories of Lake Garda.

As a premium option, Dante Rivetti’s Langhe Rosato DOC Mavik captivates with its intense Nebbiolo fruity notes, good structure, and enduring aroma. This wine has even won over dedicated red wine lovers, often to their delightful surprise.

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