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Italian Semi-Sparkling and Sparkling Wines for Retail and Gastronomy

As a full-service agency, we specialize in supplying specialist retailers and catering establishments with a selection of Italian semi-sparkling wine and sparkling wines at producer prices, tailored to your specific preferences. Our carefully curated collection of sparkling wines from Italy features sun-drenched grapes and expert craftsmanship, giving these wines a distinctive fruity aroma that will delight your guests and customers.

Italian Sparkling Wine: Fresh Enjoyment for Every Occasion

Ideal for celebrations, as an aperitif, or simply to enjoy the zest of life, a glass of Italian sparkling wine is a joyful addition to any bar or well-stocked retailer.

EU law defines sparkling wine, or “spumante” in Italian, as wine with naturally produced carbon dioxide through secondary fermentation, maintaining a pressure of at least 3 bar.

There are two main types of Italian Sparkling Wine, distinguished by their production methods – the Metodo Classico, similar to the Champagne method, and the Metodo Martinotti, known as the Prosecco method.

Metodo Classico: Champagne-Style Italian Sparkling Wine

In Metodo Classico, as with champagne, the wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle. These wines mature for several years, developing intricate secondary and tertiary aromas and effervescence.

Discover the TrentoDOC Metodo Classico in the Vianello Wines collection, a standout Sparkling Wine from Italy. This Trentino specialty enchants with its freshness, structure, and bread crust-like aromas.

Don’t miss our bestseller, the Pisoni TrentoDOC Brut Melissimato, and the premium Pisoni TrentoDOC Riserva Extra Brut, aged for an average of 8 years.

Metodo Martinotti: Prosecco-Style Fruity, Aromatic Sparkling Wines

The Metodo Martinotti sees wine fermenting in large tanks for about 30 days, preserving the grapes’ primary aromas. Explore our selection of Martinotti method sparkling wines, especially significant for retail and the HoReCa industry, under our exclusively Prosecco category.

Sweet Seduction: The Sparkling Jewel from Verona

Our sparkling wine catalog includes the unique Recioto di Soave Spumante, a sweet sparkling wine produced using a blend of the Charmat method (the international name for Metodo Martinotti) and the Appassimento method. This sweet, sparkling wine, with intense fruity aromas and a fresh palate despite its sweetness, is a traditional festival wine in Verona.

Order this sparkling jewel from Verona through Vianello Wines to add a special touch to your wine selection.

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Italian Semi-Sparkling Wines

“Frizzante” (semi-sparkling) wines are perfect summer wines for gardens, spritzes, or for customers’ cheerful barbecues.

Include our bestsellers from Bennati’s Feudo Italia line in your collection.

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