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Italian White Wines: Refreshing and Fruity at Producer Prices

While Italy is renowned for its red wines, various regions provide ideal conditions for crafting delightful Italian white wines. Such wines are an essential addition to any well-stocked specialist retailer’s collection. Moreover, in restaurants featuring Italian cuisine, a selection of Italian white wine on the menu is essential.

White Wine from Italy – Low in Acidity, Rich in Flavor

Often characterized by low acidity due to abundant sunlight, Italian white wines like Zibibbo by Teatro Latino are in high demand. This wine, with its intense floral aroma and pleasant fruitiness, is dry yet smooth and lingering on the palate.

Key grape varieties for Italian white wine include Trebbiano, Pinot Grigio, and Arneis, each with its unique character. Italy also produces excellent wines from international grapes like Chardonnay, either pure or in intriguing blends with local varieties, resulting in fruity and tangy white wines.

One of Italy’s most renowned white wines is Soave, made predominantly from Italian Garganega grapes, at least 70%. Originating from a region east of Verona in Veneto, Soave is noted for its easy-going, low-acid taste.

The Soave Doc from Bennati, composed of 100% Garganega grape, stands out as an elegant terrace wine or a casual sip for any occasion. Discover other everyday Italian white wines in the Cornalè or I Gadi lines from Bennati.

Italian White Wines: On Tap, Excellent Value for Bars and Retail

In both bars and retail, it’s crucial to offer wines that excel in both quality and value. Our selection includes wines like Langhe Bianco Doc and Arneis Langhe Doc by Dante Rivetti, celebrated for their splendid structure and enduring freshness.

These Italian white wines are also perfect for serving at bars or restaurants, with top picks like the best-selling Zibibbo and the Niveus Veneto IGT.

Italian White Wine with Food

Retailers also see steady demand for Italian white wine that pairs well with food. Many pasta and pizza dishes are enhanced by a glass of fresh white wine.

We highly recommend the Soave Classico DOC Libet, Custoza DOC with its unique blend of Italian and international grapes, and the Lugana DOC from Bennati, made from the Italian Trebbiano grape, known for its excellent structure, minerality, and fruity, herbal aromas. These wines are also perfect for enhancing your HoReCa offerings.

For special occasions, suggest the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo from Teatro Latino to your customers. With its fine structure and notes of acacia blossom, peach, and apple, it is an exquisite choice both as an aperitif and during meals.

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