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Do you want to export your Italian wine abroad?

We help wineries to export Italian wine abroad by opening new markets

By leveraging more than two decades of experience, we are able to offer commercial support to export great Italian wines and spirits throughout Europe and beyond.

A 360-degree guide to seize excellent export opportunities

With our knowledge of foreign markets, primarily the German and Northern European ones, we can help Italian producers and companies to export wine abroad through:

  • Promotional activities in the area of interest and at trade fairs
  • Selection of the most suitable wines for the reference market
  • Strategic support in communicating the strengths of the brand
  • Market trend updates and product feedback

How does our solution work?


  1. We call you and perform an analysis of your products in relation to our markets.
  2. We ask you to provide samples of your products, so that we can taste them (only if we identify wines that are attractive for foreign markets: we know how much work is behind each single bottle!)
  3. We come in person to meet you and to get a feel for your company in order to properly showcase it to future customers
  4.  We introduce you to our 150 customers, including importers, wine shops and retailers, both by face-to-face meetings and via a structured communication plan 

Advantages for Partner Producers

  1. We update you on market trends and news 
  2. We provide you with market feedback on your products and offer you ideas, products and strategies to grow abroad
  3. At the end of the year, as a team, we take stock of the current situation, analyse the data at our disposal and plan the strategies for the following year

Our goal is to help you achieve great results in exporting wine abroad

We offer our ability to listen, alongside competence and professionalism, all in real time. You will never feel alone: with us, you will have assistance and support at every stage, from wine selection to the definition of new strategies.

Constant assistance Advice on the selection of wines Continuous collaboration

The wonder of Italian know-how cannot be retained, it must be handed down and shared, in an authentic, original, passionate way.

We believe in genuine, sincere and lasting relationships.

For us, it is not just about exporting quality and Made-in-Italy products; we also seek to build relationships that lead to concrete results. We promote the meeting between wine producers and importers by sharing ideas and objectives. 

We believe in listening, which gives us the opportunity to capture even the most discrete needs, in order to guide you in finding the best solutions and achieving success.

  • Ability to listen
  • Transparency and teamwork
  • Long-term vision


Our clients

Mauro Del Bello – Mercato Italiano (Germany)

We consider ourselves lucky to have Vianello wines by our side for more than 20 years: equipped with great experience, innovative ideas and an excellent range, we could not ask for a more reliable and professional partner.

Thanks to the winning combination of tradition and modernity, Vianello Wines provides us in fact with a range of products that our customers have appreciated for many years now.

We are grateful to Leonardo and his team for the attention, friendship and reliability they guarantee us. Thank you for always being ready to help and find simple solutions.

Let’s stay partners.

Azzarelli – Buon Vino + Azzarelli Vini (Germany)

Buon Vino has begun partnering with Vianello Wines this year, while Azzarelli Vini has been a Vianello partner for two decades.
Mr. Vianello and his staff are always friendly, helpful and responsive to our requests. Together, we find a suitable solution for every problem.
Mr. Vianello comes to visit us very often. This is very commendable and ensures customer loyalty. We look forward to working together for many more years.

Marcello’s Vinothek (Austria)

Competence meets friendliness.

It is too rarely said: thank you for this partnership!

We appreciate Vianello Wines for their accuracy, with their attention to detail they always give a personal touch to their products. All the selected wineries produce and work at the highest levels and never forget the importance of the interaction between nature and technology.

We would like to highlight, in particular, our wine tours, trips and joint meetings, where we can enjoy a family atmosphere time and time again.

We look back with pleasure at our many joint projects and look forward to many more.

Kenneth Løndahl – W. & S. Direct (DK)

I have been working with Vianello Wines for over 10 years and have meet a professional team that is knowledgeable, professional and targeted. Via open dialogues, specified requests and very goal oriented service I have found good solutions that I am pleased with.

This is also the reason for me to continue the cooperation onwards.

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For more than twenty years, we have been working as a team to give our customers the best “Made-in-Italy” products, guided by passion, enthusiasm and positivity. We are Vianello Wines.

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