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Lombardy Wines at Producer Prices for Gastronomy and Retail

The northern Italian region of Lombardy, renowned for its bustling capital Milan, is not just Italy’s industrial powerhouse but also a fertile ground for several wine-producing areas. We are in the process of actively expanding our range of Lombardy wines.

Lombardy Wines: Fruity Sweetness and Aromas

From Lombardy, we feature the Bonarda – Oltrepo’ Pavese DOC from Bennati’s IGadi line. This light, slightly tart red wine, made from 100% Bonarda grapes of the Oltrepo Pavese hills, treats your customers to soft tannins and fruity aromas. It pairs splendidly with salami, pasta, risotto, or beef. As a regionally renowned wine, it offers your customers something truly unique. It’s especially refreshing when served chilled in summer.

Another gem from Bennati Winery is the fresh, fruity, sparkling Lambrusco, one of Italy’s most iconic grape varieties. With its intense ruby red color and alluring aromas of fig, currant, and iris, this delightful frizzante red wine is perfect for warm summer nights, complementing pizza, salami, and cheese beautifully.

Did you know there are various Lambrusco grape varieties, producing red, white, rosé wines, and crafted as either frizzante or spumante?

No matter the variety, this wine reigns supreme in social gatherings.

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