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The history of viticulture in Puglia, a region predating the Phoenicians and the birth of Christ, is rich and storied. It was the Phoenician traders who first introduced new grape varieties and advanced production techniques to the region. Under the Greeks, viticulture flourished, expanding into the Roman Empire and beyond.

In recent times, wines from Apulia (Italian Puglia) have gained global acclaim, thanks to enhanced technology, expertise, and a focus on quality production. Situated in the southeastern tip of Italy, in the “Italian boot”, Apulia is famed for its robust, fruity reds like Primitivo and Negroamaro. The warm Puglia climate fosters sweeter grapes, leading to potent, high-alcohol Apulia wines known for their structure, warmth, and roundness.

Perfect for Dining and Solo Enjoyment

Wines Apulia are known for their soft tannins and intense, fruity aromas. These characteristics make them enjoyable not only with meals but also as a solo drink, whether in front of a fireplace, with friends, or in the garden. The versatility of Puglia Wine (Italian Puglia) has led to a surge in demand.

Primitivo: A Particularly Popular Puglia Wine

Primitivo, a well-loved Puglia Wine especially in Germany and Northern Europe, thrives on calcareous, clayey soils. The vineyards yield concentrated, high-quality fruit, leading to wines with high-intensity flavors and good structure.

Our Teatro Latino Primitivo-Puglia IGP is a spicy wine with fruity aromas, perfect for a rich dinner or as a standalone treat in a social setting. This Primitivo is a must-have for well-stocked specialist retailers.

Negroamaro & Co: Seductive Puglia Wine 

Our Teatro Latino Negroamaro – Puglia IGP, with its fresh, spicy cocoa-like notes, is ideal for barbecue evenings.

The Mescá -Puglia IGP represents the best of Apulia wines. This complex wine combines intense Apulian grape aromas with skilled winemaking, blending spicy notes like cinnamon, pepper, and vanilla with sweet jam undertones. Velvety and enduring on the palate, this wine Apulia is sure to delight customers in bars and specialty shops.

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