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Mescà – Puglia IGP

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Mescà – Puglia IGP

Do you want to pleasantly surprise your customers? This elegant, rich red wine crafted from aromatic grapes of Puglia guarantees to be a true highlight.

Type of wine:Red wine, still
Flavor Wine:Dry
Region of origin:Puglia
Grape variety(s):Primitive, Negroamaro, Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol content :14%
Manufacturing:Classic red wine vinification
Wine characteristics:Fruity aromas of plums, blackberries and blueberries, rounded off with hints of hay and balsamic notes; mild and soft on the palate with a lingering finish
Assortment tip :Insider tip for restaurants, representative in retail thanks to attractive packaging
Occasion :Excellent dining companion, dinner with friends

Mescà: A blend of Selected Apulia grapes

Derived from the Italian word “mescolare,” meaning to mix, Mescà is a delightful red wine from Puglia that harmoniously blends Primitivo, Negroamaro, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Its name, a nod to its blend, encapsulates its essence. The label’s emblem, Castel del Monte, a medieval fortress, tied to constellations and Emperor Frederick II’s might, mirrors Mescà’s character – robust, rich, and potent, radiating warmth and strength.

A little linguistic knowledge:
The word Mescà is written with the Italian “accento grave”, which among other things indicates the stress and is sometimes used to distinguish between 2 words with the same pronunciation. The spelling mesca, mesca’ or mescá can sometimes be found, but they are not orthographically correct.

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