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Italian wine in Germany: a strategic market


Italian wine in Germany: a strategic market

Germany’s passion for Italian wine doesn’t stop even in these difficult times. This has been confirmed by the most recent export reports that see Italy at the top of the list with almost 880 million euros in wine exported to Germany in 2021 (48% share of the market) with a 9.1% rise in value.

Made in Italy has always won great acclaim in Germany, especially thanks to the feelings evoked by Italy’s great culinary, tourist and cultural traditions. Germany is a market that is curious about and fascinated by our beautiful country and is the ideal choice for all of those brands that intend to export and make their labels known beyond Italy’s borders.

Germany once again the market of excellence for white wine exports

Next to the list of wines belonging to the more classical regions that are also often famous tourist attractions, German consumers recently have started paying greater attention also to elements such as biodiversity and sustainability, in the meanwhile developing an interest also in the unique and inimitable terroir of the various geographical areas of the peninsula.

It is therefore a public that is becoming increasingly dynamic and eager to gain new taste experiences, worthy of the attention of any Italian winery wishing to export their wines  and gain acolytes in European markets.

Puglia, Veneto, Sicily and Abruzzo remain Germany’s favourite production regions, although lately we have seen growing interest in the Trentino spumante TrentoDOC and in the wines from Piedmont, especially from the Langhe. Among the most appreciated are the smooth and well-structured red wines, caused also by the excellent tradition of German whites that makes the market definitely more competitive on this front.

Indeed, in this market often the occasions for consumption are detached from the food and wine pairing concept and that is especially fond of wines featuring good drinkability: fruity and fresh whites and highly smooth and well concentrated reds.

Classical wines that immediately evoke Italian tradition but also the drive towards innovation and the search for labels capable of expressing, also from the viewpoint of communication, the terroir they come from and that make the German market one of the most interesting in Europe as regards the export of Made in Italy wines.

White wine to Germany: what are the winning strategies?

When a country is so close to one’s own borders, the most successful strategy regarding excellence, especially in Italy, consists in organizing tastings and promotional events.

The familiar and authentic atmosphere that is immediately appreciated in Italian wineries, along with the family traditions handed down through generations, are the emotional elements that attract and captivate those who love Made in Italy. This is the only way we can step beyond the technical story of the wine and the list of its organoleptic features – by accompanying the client in enlivening and enthusing all of the five senses.

But the story must not end there: the wine must become the ambassador of a territory that is made also of culture, of art and of precious local productions. A voyage that begins in the glass and opens new prospects, regaling with spectacular and unforgettable images that enrich the tasting occasion, turning it into a fully cultural experience. Pairings with local cold meats, cheeses and produce that exalt the tasting experience and the chance to create tourist routes that explore the more characteristic and hidden corners of our land, will turn into enormous added value for our offer, and only our proximity can allow us to practice this magic more frequently.

We must not forget remote communication, however. It is of fundamental importance to foster a continuing bond with wine importers even in periods when these visits are less frequent. To do this effectively, one must seek out experts who know how to combine their knowledge of the wine world with marketing skills – trusted partners that have in-depth expertise of the German wine market and of the Italian wines most appreciated by such a particular public.

It should be remembered, in fact, that the German market is very mature and often complicated, a market that tends to favour wineries with larger portfolios and with entry level wines at very competitive prices. It is a market that needs to be constantly followed with long-term and minutely planned strategies, in the hands of experts capable of identifying the most sought-after references and the winning strategies.

Why choose a broker agency for exporting to Germany?

Professional know-how, experience and passion are the fundamental elements with which to obtain truly effective results on foreign markets. These are the features of broker agencies, expert partners who can avail themselves of a more in-depth knowledge of foreign markets, of the trends and of the most interesting novelties.

It is not just a question of exporting high quality Made in Italy products but also of creating long-standing and consolidated relationships that pave the way for meetings between producers and wine importers. This is a challenge that we at Vianello Wines have been championing for over twenty years thanks to a team of specialised professionals who, every day, are committed to seeking the best solutions for the Italian wineries that wish to successfully export their wines abroad.

Our extensive knowledge of the German market and of its peculiarities, gained over the course of many years, allows us to move competently and proactively, helping wineries choose the most interesting and suitable wines and to showcase them locally. This all-round strategic support has led us to become a broker agency of Italian wines renowned throughout Germany.

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