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Vino del Nonno Rosso Dolce Fermo

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Vino del Nonno Rosso Dolce Fermo

The “Vino del Nonno Rosso Dolce Fermo” is a sweet still red wine with an intense ruby red color, characterized by elegant aromas of undergrowth and slight notes of blueberry and raspberry.

At the end it presents notes of ripe fruit and spices.A sweet wine that goes well at the end of a meal with desserts to creams, pastries and fresh fruit.

Grapes: red berried grapes admitted in the national territory
Alchool: % vol 11

Organoleptic analysis:
Color: intense ruby red
Nose: ripe red fruits
Palate: sweet, with notes of undergrowth and red fruits
Pairings: sweets, pastries and fresh fruit
Service Temperature: 12-14 ° C

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