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Recioto di Soave Spumante DOCG – 1870

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Recioto di Soave Spumante DOCG – 1870

1870 is the year of birth of Antonio Bennati, founder of the company and nicknamed “Toni Recioto” thanks to his astonishing dedication in producing this wine. The Recioto is a surprisingly pleasant and persistent wine, perfect to celebrate happy moments.

Bennati Family

Typology: DOCG Recioto di Soave
Grape varieties: Garganega 100%
Production region: The classic Soave hills, 150 m.a.s.l.
Alcohol content: 12,5 % vol.

Tasting notes: intense yellow straw with a creamy foam and fine perlage. The nose is really typical in the notes of raisins, nuts and citrus fruits. The taste is sweet and fresh, soft characterized by delicious aromas of pastry cream, peach and candied fruit.
Food pairings: seasoned and spicy cheese with mustard and jam; dried pastries.
Service temperature: Recommend to serve at 6°C temperature.
Tasting glass: Flûte

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