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Rosé – Veneto IGT

A sparkling treat perfectly tailored for summer. Slightly sweet, fruity, and fresh, it’s equally delightful when savored on its own or used as a refreshing aperitif.

Type of wine:Rosé, semi-sparkling wine
Wine flavor:Semi-dry
Region of origin:Veneto
Grape variety(s):Red wine grapes
Alcohol content:11%
Production:Tank fermentation
Wine characteristics:Fruity-fresh with notes of currants and raspberries
Assortment tip:Wine for party services & catering; wine for pizzerias
Occasion:Everyday wine; garden parties; terrace wine; aperitif; with finger food and pizza

A little language study:
By the way, the word Rosé comes from French. It means rosy and has nothing to do with the rose. The spellings Rosè or Rose’ are simply wrong.

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