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La Palazzetta

If you visit our company and don’t find me around, try looking for me in the natural surroundings; you’ll likely find me in my beloved vineyard!”

Luca Fanti

“La Palazzetta,” founded in 1988 by Flavio Fanti, is one of the very few companies in Montalcino producing organic and vegan Brunello.

Year after year, Flavio purchased several plots around the family home and planted Sangiovese vines.

Today Luca and Tea, Flavio’s children, manage 20 hectares of vineyards characterized by a unique blend of different exposures, altitudes, and an incredible variety of soils – including limestone, iron, tuff, kaolin and marl.

The exceptional natural conditions, coupled with the decision to cultivate the plants according to organic principles and employ meticulous cellar techniques, result in wines of remarkable finesse. These wines are consistently recognized and awarded by internationally renowned juries year after year.