Marchioli - Vianello Wines


For me, organic is a radical decision because it comes from the heart.

It is a decision for life.

Gianluca Marchioli

The history of the Marchioli estate unfolds as a series of new beginnings, where signs gradually reveal their true meanings years later. More importantly, it is a narrative of profound decisions.

Gianluca Marchioli, son of Tito, is a winemaker who acquired his land

using savings from years spent as an emigrant in post-war America. Following his father’s illness, attributed to the excessive use of pesticides prevalent in the vineyard at the time, Gianluca assumed control of the winery. Despite widespread reservations, he made the pivotal decision to transition production to organic farming in 1999.

Today, Marchioli stands renowned for the exceptional quality of its wines, distinguished by grace, richness of flavor, and olfactory intensity. The company is equally celebrated for its unwavering commitment to organic and vegan practices. Recently, two sulfite-free wines were introduced, pushing the philosophy of harmony with nature to new heights by incorporating practices such as green manure in vineyard cultivation and the presence of grazing animals between the rows.