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Pecorino d’Abruzzo Igt – Mapa

Pecorino without sulfites “Mapa” is a wine that surprises with its pleasant contrasts. In the nose, it expresses itself in hints that recall Mediterranean vegetation, leavened products, custard, and almond notes in a wine that, on the palate, is completely dry. It’s absolutely worth trying.

Type of wine:white, still
Region of origin:Abruzzo
Grape variety(s):Pecorino
Alcohol content:12.5%
Production:white vinification, maturation in steel
Wine characteristics:slightly hazy straw yellow colour; bouquet of Mediterranean vegetation; full flavor, with notes of pear and a slightly almondy finish
Assortment tip:for retailers, restaurants and wine bars; recommended as wine by the glass
Occasion:food pairing, for family/friends gatherings, as an aperitif, with finger food

The Queen: “Mapa”

In Gianluca Marchioli’s life, family has always played a fundamental role. This is why each of the wines in his assortment bears a name that refers to a family member. “Mapa” stands for “Mara”, his wife.

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