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Custoza Wine: A Holiday Wine from Lake Garda


Custoza Wine: A Holiday Wine from Lake Garda

With its golden yellow shimmer in the glass and a fresh, fruity aroma, a glass of Custoza wine evokes memories of vacations, summer, sun, and the carefree dolce vita of Italy.

To equip you with more insights to share with your customers, here’s everything you need to know about this well-loved Italian white wine.

Custoza Wine: Origin, Name and Meaning

Custoza, a Venetian white wine, originates from the fruit-bearing vines flourishing on the moraine hills around Lake Garda. It represents a DOC wine from the province of Verona, indicating its protected origin and quality standards.

This white wine’s name doesn’t come from a particular grape variety; instead, it refers to the town of Custoza, located near Lake Garda, which has long been the production hub for this exquisite wine.

A Jump into the History of Custoza

Custoza, a quaint and historic village dating back to Roman times, sits on the last slopes of Lake Garda’s moraine amphitheater.

These hills are steeped in Italy’s history, having witnessed crucial battles for the control of the Venetian plain during the first and third wars of independence.

Visitors to this area can combine a journey through history with a culinary adventure, enjoying scenic tours that offer more than just picturesque views. It’s well worth making a detour to one of the many wine cellars producing Custoza, where you can savor a glass of this delicate wine, noted for its floral and fruity qualities.

The Shaping Influences of Landscape and Climate on Custoza Wine

Nestled among gentle hills, caressed by Lake Garda’s breezes, and enjoying a mild climate, is the nurturing ground for the aromatic grapes of Custoza DOC. The region’s soil boasts a high concentration of minerals, which imparts a balanced minerality to the fresh-tasting wine.

The Custoza production area stretches southwest of Verona, reaching the shores of Lake Garda. Key municipalities within this region include Sommacampagna, Villafranca di Verona, and Peschiera del Garda, among others.

These rolling hills owe their formation to thousands of years of glacial erosion, remnants of the glacier that created Lake Garda between 126,000 and 11,600 years ago.

Today, this geological marvel has gifted us with fertile soils where the Custoza vines flourish, giving rise to wines that range from floral-fresh to fruity in aroma.

Custoza DOC: Quality of Regional Grapes

Custoza DOC is one of the popular summer wines made from a blend of regional grape varieties. Depending on the composition, there are numerous flavor variations of this fresh wine. 

Custoza DOC, a favorite among summer wines, is crafted from a blend of regional grape varieties, offering a range of flavor profiles in this refreshing wine.

Typical grape varieties permitted by law are: 

  • Trebbiano Toscano
  • Garganega 
  • Trebbianello
  • Bianca Fernanda
  • Malvasia 
  • Riesling Italiano 
  • Pinot bianco 
  • Chardonnay
  • Manzoni white

Blending these white grapes according to DOC regulations endows the wine with a delicate yet remarkable complexity of aromas.

With its light-hearted, fresh, and fruity character, Custoza DOC boasts exceptional drinkability. This makes it an ideal choice for wine shops and catering clients looking to offer a delightful wine on warm summer evenings. It pairs beautifully with friends, Venetian cicchetti (snacks), or tapas.

Custoza DOC has proudly held its controlled designation of origin since 1971, marking it as a wine of distinguished quality and heritage.

Custoza DOC: Top White Wines for Your Customers

Whether as a nostalgic reminder of holidays past or in anticipation of future getaways, Custoza is an outstanding white wine suitable for a variety of occasions that your customers will surely adore. It appeals not only to private consumers but also serves as an excellent choice for those in the catering industry, including party services and catering establishments.

Via Vianello Wines, you have exclusive access to top-quality Custoza wines sourced from a distinguished winery in Veneto: the Bennati winery.

Bennati Winery as an Ambassador of Venetian Wine Art

Founded in 1920 by Annibale Bennati, the traditional Bennati winery has a rich heritage, tracing back to Antonio Bennati, who was renowned for the famous raisin wine, Recioto.

Now in its fourth generation, the family continues to excel in the art of winemaking. Over the years, they have embraced change, adopting new visions and approaches to produce high-quality wines. These wines eloquently narrate the story of a cherished land through their aromas and scents, sip by sip.

As proud representatives of the esteemed Veronese terroir, the Bennati family includes Custoza wine in their extensive range of local wines. This Custoza is offered in three distinct lines of the company…

Custoza Wines from Bennati

Soraighe Custoza DOC: Composed of a blend of Garganega, Trebbiano, Chardonnay, and Cortese grapes, is the most structured and long-lasting of the three variants. Its flavorful profile, brimming with floral and fruity notes, renders it an excellent choice both as an aperitif and a companion to fish dishes. This wine features an intense bouquet marked by delightful notes of wisteria and peach.

I Gadi Custoza DOC: On the palate, it’s fresh and pleasantly mineral, with a clear fruit aroma. The bouquet is reminiscent of the scent of kiwi, green apple and sage. It pairs excellently with sophisticated starters, lasagne, and white meat.

Cornalè Custoza DOC: This wine is fresh and delicate, featuring a pleasantly bitter finish that makes it ideal for summer dinners with fresh pasta, vegetables, and light snacks.

Custoza DOP for Social Gatherings

You can find another fruity, fresh Custoza from Teatro Latino .

Packaged in a convenient 1-liter bottle, this delightful white wine is particularly well-suited for larger social events, extended garden parties, and as an open wine option in bars for your catering clientele.

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