Durello dei Monti Lessini DOC – Annibale - Vianello Wines

Durello dei Monti Lessini DOC – Annibale

Bennati premium - Selezione Valtramigna

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Durello dei Monti Lessini DOC – Annibale

Tasty and versatile alternative to the well-known Prosecco. Bring a piece of Italian culture to your customers with this fresh, fruity Veronese aperitif.

Type of wine:white, sparkling wine
Region of origin:Veneto
Grape variety(s):Durella
Alcohol content:12%
Production:tank fermentation
Wine characteristics:light yellow color; long-lasting perlage; delicate floral scents and notes of white fruit; very fresh, pleasant, and harmonious on the palate
Assortment tip:for restaurants and retailers, among Venetian specialties; recommended as wine by the glass; insider tip
Occasion:food pairing, to toast, with finger food, as an aperitif, for family/friends gatherings, gift idea

Annibale – Worthy Sparkling Wine

The name of this wine, Annibale, honors the founder of the Bennati winery, a company which was officially registered in the Verona Commercial Register in 1920.

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